Toddler Program

The Toddler Program is for children ages 24 months to 33 months. It is created with the goal to help children move towards independence and learn to do things autonomously with loving support and positive reinforcement.

Transitions to the Toddler Program are smooth and unhurried giving the child time to acclimate to the change. The relationship between the caregiver and the child is of extreme importance, therefore there is frequent communication between the teacher and caregivers regarding the transition. 

Our Staff has training in child development/early childhood education specific to toddlers. They work patiently with the children to help guide them in making positive behavioral choices. The children are acknowledged for their accomplishments and given positive feedback. Our staff is trained to give toddlers the gentle encouragement needed for them to build confidence in themselves. In order to meet the developmental needs of this age group we are flexible in our scheduling, but also predictable, so the children feel secure. The staff works collaboratively with parents sharing with them some of the positive and interesting things that have happened during the day.