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Pine Grove Country Day School Founder

Mary CourtneY

Pine Grove Country Day School was founded by Mary Courtney in 1979 and has been serving the Putnam/Northern Westchester community for 40 years. Pine Grove was founded with the goal of creating a safe, nurturing, fun environment for all children to feel loved, learn, and grow into their best selves! 

Our programs are certified by New York State Department of Education and New York State Office of Children and Family Services, and are Medication Administration Trained (MAT) certified. We employ certified teachers and highly trained teaching assistants. Our staff attends trainings regularly to assure that the best developmentally, appropriate methods are utilized in the classroom. 

We operate on both a school and corporate calendar, which allows us to offer a wide range of availability to our community. 

The Owners 

Pine Grove Country Day School is a family run school. Mary Courtney graduated from this earth classroom and passed on to a more heavenly realm in the fall of 2012, while volunteering at a school with children in need in Tanzania. Mary has been recognized frequently in the community for her extraordinary commitment to quality day care and the educational system she has created at Pine Grove.  Some of her honors include Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Community Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Day Care Center Award, among many others! We are confident she continues to play an active role in guiding children.  Her presence and values will always live on at Pine Grove, especially in the laughter and learning that happens each and every day! 

Mary's three children, Tom Courtney, Maryanne Courtney-LaRue, and Deb Courtney, have continued to run Pine Grove with the same love for the children that Mary opened the school with. 


Maryanne, Tom and Deb (2013)

Maryanne, Tom and Deb (2013)

A note from Tom, Maryanne and Deb: 

"We are dedicated to continuing the education, joy and learning that has been going on at Pine Grove for the last few decades.  As a result of witnessing our mom’s focus on education and what it takes to make a business successful, each of us have pursued careers applicable to the continued success of the school.  Below is a bit about the experience we bring to Pine Grove in addition to growing up with the school! 

Tom’s background is in the business end, with many years experience in Human Resources on Wall Street, and he has been working at Pine Grove since 2006.  When not at Pine Grove, Tom is with his three boys, Tommy, Mike and Matt, or refereeing college basketball and high school football.  

Maryanne has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a specialty in Literacy, and has many years of classroom experience both as a head teacher and reading specialist. Maryanne is also a great mom, enjoying her time raising Andrew, Ryan and Mary Kate.  

Deb has been working as a social worker/psychotherapist with children and families in need of support. She has a PhD in social services and Masters Degrees in Psychology and Social Work, with a focus on child development.  When not at Pine Grove, Deb is collaborating with clients, teaching workshops, exploring the world and enjoying life.

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime! We are always here for support, questions, comments, etc! Our goal is to help you feel as connected to Pine Grove as possible :) 


Tom, Maryanne and Deb 

Deb, Mary, Maryanne and Tom (1982)

Deb, Mary, Maryanne and Tom (1982)