The next stage of care is the Pre-School Program, which is for children between the ages of 2.9 years and 4 years old.  In order to accommodate all schedules we offer both half day and full day programming, with extended morning and evening care for working parents.   

We are aware that this age is a crucial time in the development of the child’s self esteem and love of learning.  We work hard in supporting the children to develop a strong self-concept and positive self-esteem, which is very important in the total development of the child.  We balance this social and emotional focus with developmentally appropriate educational curriculum that will help prepare your child for Kindergarten.  

The emergence of the independent child requires us to be ever mindful of the skills and needs of the preschool child. We support this emerging independence by:

  • Encouraging the social aspect of play
  • Respecting the individual and fostering each child’s strengths 
  • Providing many opportunities for conversation and for children to learn and use language in its many uses and forms
  • Supporting self care activities ie: toileting, dressing themselves, hand washing, etc
  • Providing an environment rich in meaningful activities where the child feels safe and is assured of their place as a member of a community of learners 
  • Prioritizing the importance of play in the development of social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills. It is during play that children are most motivated to self-regulate and grow.  During play they learn to problem solve, converse, negotiate and work out emotional aspects of experiences.
  • Incorporating a curriculum that is alligned with the Common Core Standards- preparing children for both Pre-K and Kindergarten

Parents are updated with weekly emails about the happenings in the classroom and what the children are learning. This helps families feel connected to the learning process, fosters dialogue with the children at home and allows parents to reinforce activities and learning at home.