The SCIS Program is an innovative program that we partner with PARC Preschool to provide to the community.  It is a program in which two teachers (one with a special education focus) work collaboratively to teach an integrated classroom of both typically developing children and children with special needs.  

This program follows the same Pre-School Curriculum as all other Pine Grove classes, while also providing additional advantages.  Research shows that being part of an integrated classroom allows children without special needs to progress in social cognition and develop a greater understanding and acceptance of students with disabilities and diversity as a whole.  Further, they also exhibit increased self-esteem and improved self-concept. Research also shows that students with special needs learn to be more independent and acquire developmentally advanced skills. Also, they develop friendships and a more positive self-image by having the opportunity to model their peers. 

Year after year this program proves to be an incredible experience for all students and parents involved! 

Parents are updated with weekly emails about the happenings in the classroom and what the children are learning. This helps families feel connected to the learning process, fosters dialogue with the children at home and allows parents to reinforce activities and learning at home.