Pre-K / kindergarten Program

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten Program is for children between the ages of mid 4s - 6 years old.  Specially, children that have already had a successful experience in Preschool, may just miss the cut off date, or those you may just want to give an extra year of preparation before sending them to off to grade school.  Our program is New York State Department of Education certified and meets all of the criteria for state Kindergarten programming.  

Our curriculum coincides with the New York State Common Core Standards, preparing your child for kindergarten and first grade.  However, we also understand that giving the child a sound social and emotional base allows for greater cognitive growth. Therefore, this unique program addresses all areas of children’s development: social, emotional, cognitive and physical. 

Our Pre-K/K program provides a learning environment rich in challenging, stimulating hands-on centers, that allows the child to function independently as well as collaboratively with their peers.  The main goal of our Pre-K/K program is to educate the whole child so that the transition to grade school can be made with ease and confidence. Happy and healthy children are more comfortable with themselves, with learning and taking pride in their accomplishments.

Parents are updated with weekly emails about the happenings in the classroom and what the children are learning. This helps families feel connected to the learning process, fosters dialogue with the children at home and allows parents to reinforce activities and learning at home. 

Meet Our Pre-K/K Director