Our curriculum utilizes developmentally appropriate practices that promote social, emotional cognitive, physical and creative development and growth. Programming is utilized throughout the day, both formally and informally, to introduce concepts to children that help build their skills in all areas of development. Our teachers create and adapt lessons and activities within the Pine Grove curriculum themes that are best suited for the students within each class.  

The primary themes are Social Skills, Language, Health, Math, Social Studies, Art, Music, Movement, Drama, Mindfulness and Science.  A variety of concepts and activities fall within each of these thematic realms.  We also provide a number of enrichment programs including, Arts, Yoga, and Sign Language. In order to help children learn about themselves and the world, their abilities to imagine, reason, compare, sing, dance, tell and hear stories, express thoughts and feelings, think critically, problem solve and cooperate with others, are of focus.

Values such as respect for self, others, the world, diversity, kindness, compassion, social service, cooperation, joy and cooperation are infused into all themes, across the curriculum. 

Please see the Curriculum Summary Chart below, to learn more about the specific themes, concepts and examples of activities we utilize at Pine Grove Country Day to make learning come alive for children. 


Pine Grove Country Day School

'Curriculum Summary' Chart

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Pine Grove Country Day School

'Centers In Action' Chart