We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment in which to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. We base our work with children on knowledge of child development and learning. Our goals are to foster a love of learning that will help children become life long learners, promote respect for all people and things, and facilitate children’s natural curiosity to direct their learning.   

We strive to help each child develop positive attitudes toward the self, learning and the world. Activities are designed to encourage a positive self-image, a thirst for knowledge, and a solid beginning toward developing a child's full potential.

Our environment provides a homey, nurturing atmosphere, so children feel safe enough to use their creativity and strive to grow! This process promotes independence, which in turn fosters confidence and self esteem. Respect for self and others is integral in all settings.  

Integrity and Community are very important to us! Therefore we incorporate many opportunities for social service that foster gratitude and community, such as Pajama and Book Collections for children in need, Paint the Town Purple for Relay for Life, Pennies for Causes such as Japan and Haiti, Food Collection for St. John's Food Pantry, contributing a Greenhouse to Newtown honoring life, and others! We also create community with our families by hosting parents at a variety of events, such as holiday celebrations and shows, an annual drama production, graduation celebrations, etc.