We are blessed to have an awesome team! 

Meet SOME OF OUR Head Teachers 

Other head teachers...still to come: Ms. Karen, Ms. Jaime, Ms. Steph, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Denise, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Jessica 

Meet Some of our Teacher Assistants 


We have a great group of assistants! Thank you for all of your hard work...Ms. Judy,  Ms. Laura, Ms. Rosemarie, Ms. Gianna, Ms. Pat, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Angela, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Dawn, Ms. Josephine, Ms. Gina A., Ms. Lori, Ms. Joy, Ms. Rosanna, Ms. Mary, Ms. Katie, Ms. Toni, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Eileen, Ms. Diane, Ms. MaryLou, Ms. Lucinda, Ms. Roseanne, Ms. Pam, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Maritza

We also have a great bunch of teens and young adults (many of whom are Pine Grove graduates)! Thank you...Lindsey, Beatrice, Cassie, Michelle L., Michelle M., Brian, Alex, Carly, Cabrina, Liz

And of course...Frank, the handy man and bus driver!